I'm a one man band and try to pack your orders once a week, either Fridays or Mondays. 

Orders of T-shirts or other items marked as Print on Demand is handled by a third-part company. They provide tracking ID's that you will receive once the order is fulfilled.

Note that if you have a combined order of for example a t-shirt and a sticker, there will be two separate packages.

You will receive a confirmation mail once your order is shipped.

Unclaimed packages will have a fee of 349sek deducted on your refund to cover return shipping and administration.

Perhaps the most frequent question of them all.

If your order contains a print-on-demand product (clothes, snapbacks, beanies, mugs), it will be shipped from:

EU: Lithuania or Spain

US: Charlotte, North Carolina, and Los Angeles, California

Canada: Toronto

Once your order is fulfilled you will get a link to a tracking page. 

IF the tracking gets stuck somewhere, please check your Tracking-ID to your country's local post system

Swedish orders get handled by POSTNORD (majority of this problem is with Swedish orders)

Most orders ships with a tracking number and many shipping services don't send a letter or email about your package when they should. (see first question)

So attaching your phone number to the tracking is one more way for me to hopefully let you know when the package has arrived at a service point.

That is most likely because you ordered some kind of clothing, snapback, beanie or mug and those are made per order by a print-on-demand company.

This is so I don't have to keep stock on every clothing item and size.

This also means that sizes rarely run out.


Have an issue with your order? Use the contact form below and I will be happy to help!

Apparel returns or exchanges must be made within 30 days of shipment.

You will cover the shipment for the return.

Unclaimed packages will have a fee of 349sek deducted on your refund to cover return shipping and administration.


Unless we meet in person at an event the answer will be no.

This shop is here for a reason. :)

Hey! I'm in the UK, why can't I order?

Right now, because of how the tax system in UK for a foreign small business works, it is simply too much of a hassle for me to setup to be honest, sorry. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Contact me

I'm happy to help, and remember, I speak Swedish although the site is in english ;)

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